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Understand your creditworthiness across 20 banks in Malaysia.
Tailored guidance
Access tailored personalised advice with Premium Application Service.
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Correct errors, improve credit score for success.
Enhanced approvals
Getting higher loan approval rates after Premium Application Service.
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Summary of income profile
Basic loan eligibility insights
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Mortgage pre-approval insights from Top 20 Malaysian banks
Credit Score / Profile Summary
CCRIS Payment History
Litigation / Trade Reference Info
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NP: 499

Go Pro Advisory
Everything Pro Report and..
1-on-1 Personalized financial advice
Debt management, interest reduction, and settlement guidance
Personalized bank product recommendations
Your credit score and report data are powered by CTOS and other reputable third-party sources.

People love FinDoc!

“It was a great sharing from Chris and the team. Thank you very much.”
Jordan Chew
“Help to clear my doubt on financial question and secure better offer for my loan.”
Yih Lam Chew
“Clearly understand your own loan capacity, which bank can borrow the lowest interest, and how to invest.”
Hui Mei Koh
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is FinDoctor and what services does it offer?
What are the minimum requirements to use FinDoctor?
How can I contact FinDoctor's customer support?
What is FinDoctor Pro Advisory?
How often is my financial data updated on FinDoctor?
How can I refer a friend to FinDoctor?
How can I compare different bank loans on FinDoctor?
How can I apply for a bank loan through FinDoctor?
How can I check my loan eligibility on FinDoctor?
What benefits does FinDoctor offer?
How does FinDoctor differ from other financial platforms?
What are the benefits of using Pro Advisory Service?
How accurate is the FinDoctor Calculator?
How does FinDoctor protect my financial data?
What is FinDoctor's privacy policy?
How does FinDoctor keep my data secure?
What factors might lead to a bank rejecting my loan application?
What should I do if my loan application was rejected?
Can I be refused credit even with a good Credit Score?
Can I improve my credit score?
Can I use FinDoctor if I have a bad credit score?
How can FinDoctor help me if my loan application was rejected?
How does FinDoctor help me improve my financial health?
How can I get personalized financial advice from FinDoctor?

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