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The Story of FinDoctor

FinDoctor was started by Chris Yong during the Covid-19 lockdown. He noticed that financial experts charged too much for people to learn how to handle their money during the difficult times. He wanted to help people understand and manage their finances better.

Chris spoke with big banks to develop a comprehensive credit screening system and provide online credit advisory services to people. This was a significant step forward in personal finance, allowing people to take charge of their financial health.

FinDoctor aims to make financial advice available to everyone, regardless of their income or financial background. They want to help people improve their credit scores, get approved for more loans, pay less for credit, and save more money.


To achieve this, FinDoctor uses sophisticated algorithms and AI to provide each customer with advice that fits their credit situation. This helps people make good choices about their money and reach their financial goals.

Thanks to the support from MOSTI (Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation) and Cradle Fund, FinDoctor has been able to develop and grow into a successful online credit advisory service. Today, it is one of the fastest-growing online credit advisory services in the country. Although FinDoctor has changed a lot over the years, its main goal has remained the same.


FinDoctor wants to help people take control of their financial lives. They have helped many people in Malaysia become financially stable and have better futures. They don't just help people manage their money, but also help them become more secure and have brighter prospects.

And they are not done yet.

FinDoctor is always looking for new ways to help people with their finances. They are committed to innovation and giving their customers the best financial advice possible.


Our mission

To help people manage their credit and loans in order to achieve their financial goals.

What We Do

It can be hard to figure out which credit and loans are the best for you without help. That's why we provide a complete solution by showing you all your credit and loans in one place.

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